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The Flag of Earth

[Flag of Earth]
Its anthem is the wind in her trees and the waves of her seas.
- James Cadle, 1970

The Flag of Earth flew for many years at the OSU Radio Observatory while it was in operation. The Flag of Earth also flies at many other SETI locations around the world, and at many radio and optical observatories whether or not a program of SETI is carried out. It symbolizes the fact that SETI is carried out on behalf of Humanity as a whole. The individual people, organizations, and nations involved are unimportant compared to the overall efforts of Humanity that have collectively made this search for their brethren possible.

The yellow part of the flag represents the sun, the blue circle symbolizes the Earth, and the small white circle represents the Moon.

James (Jim) Cadle, the designer and maker of the Flag of Earth, sold not only flags of various sizes but also decals and lapel pins (also suitable as tie tacks).

[Flag of Earth Flies at Big Ear] The Flag of Earth flies at Big Ear Radio Observatory. The flag is currently flying at half-mast in memory of Carl Sagan. Click on the picture to see a larger version.

The following information was provided by the SETI League.

James Cadle died of a heart attack in his home over the weekend of June 19th [2004]. Death was probably very quick and painless. He was cremated. A private family ceremony for him was held on his property in rural Illinois.

NAAPO is continuing the work of James Cadle and is selling fabric flags in four different sizes plus the lapel pins and decals. See the relavant information at NAAPO's Flag of Earth website at www.flagofearth.org.



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