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Big Ear Radio Observatory
Professional Volunteer Staff

John Ayotte
Industrial Designer, Frigidaire Corp. Alumnus, OSU.

Ken Ayotte
Physics student at OSU, winner of many Science awards in Radio Astronomy in high school.

Phil Barnhart
Professor emeritus at Otterbein College. Former Chair of the Physics and Astronomy Department. Ph.D., Astronomy, OSU.

Mike Brooks
Electrical Engineer in telecommunications networks, Lucent Technologies. BSEE and MS CIS, OSU. Wrote MS thesis on Radio Observatory research. Formerly Research Scientist at Battelle Institute.

Cindy Brooman
Principal of Point & Click Software, Inc. a provider of Web-based applications. Winner of 1998 City of Delaware public service award. BA Chemistry, Botany and German, Ohio Wesleyan Univ. Graduate studies in Biochemistry, OSU. Formerly with Ohio Dept of Education and OSU College of Medicine.

Steve Brown
Chief Engineer. Ph.D. student in Electrical Engineering. Currently writing dissertation on the Argus array.

Angelo Campanella
Principal of Campanella Associates, an acoustical consulting company. BS Physics, MS Physics/EE Ph.D., Physics/EE, Penn State. 40 years experience in system design, field testing and data processing.

Russ Childers
Electrical Engineer. BSEE, MSEE, MBA, OSU. MS thesis on research at the Radio Observatory.

Bob Dixon
Assistant Director of the Radio Observatory, and director of the Argus and SETI projects. Senior Research Engineer at University Technology Services, Ohio State University, where he develops Internet-based audio and video services, and wireless computer networks. B.S. and M.S. Electrical Engineering, University of Wisconsin. Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, Ohio State University.

Jerry Ehman
Retired Professor; five degrees (Physics, Astronomy (2, including Ph. D. in Radio Astronomy from Michigan), Business Administration, Management Science). OSU Faculty in Electrical Engineering. Franklin University Faculty in Division of Management Science (chairman of that division for 4.5 years).

Dan Fleisch
Chief Scientist, Lintek Corp., a manufacturer of high-tech Radar systems. Ph.D., Electrical Engineering

Clive Goodall
SETI Philosopher. B.A. Honors Philosophy, Stirling University, Scotland. M.A. Philosophy, OSU. Currently developing "The Harmonising Picture". Clive's telephone number is: 011-44-131-2251718.

Tom Hanson
Tom Hanson joined the Radio Observatory volunteers in the early 1990's, when Tom Van HOrne served as volunteer recruiter. He and Tom Hanson shared interests in science fiction, technology, space development and electronic communications. It was a natural transition to add SETI to the shared interests. Tom Hanson led a multiyear effort to collect punched card data on a CDROM. The project was supported by every member of the volunteers, as well as numerous others. After retiring from National City Bank in 1998, Tom has pursued computer consulting as a new career direction.

Paul Hurm
Computer Teacher - SABIS International School of Cincinnati. BS Education, MS Education, Miami Univ.

Harry Kitchen
BSEE Ohio University, firmware and signal processing engineer; instructor in C and UNIX.

Herb Johnson
BSEE from OSU in 1976. Helped compile a review of the 50-channel SETI survey data of 1975-85; assisted in re-reading Ohio Survey and SETI survey card data to compile a CD-ROM; edited various reports, lectures, etc. into a slide show and as "Big Ear Surveys" descriptions and photos on the Bigear.org site. Documented technical features and methods of Big Ear surveys to provide a "trail" for later use of that data.

Ron Leeseberg
Retired High School Science teacher.

Marilyn McConnell-Goelz
Attorney at Law, JD OSU, BA Miami University.

Cheryl J. Mason-Middleton
Library Media Tech. for the Black Studies Library, The Ohio State University Libraries. BFA, Design, Arizona State University.

Jody McKean

Earl Phillips
Owner of Phillips Design, an Internet web design company.

Chris Slack
Computer Engineer, Technical Leadership Program, GE Medical Systems. BS Computer Engineering, Clarkson University Pursuing M.S. Elect. & Computer Eng., Marquette University OSU Radio Observatory Jansky Intern, 1993

Mark Sundstrom
Computing Entrepeneur. Co-founder of Aldus software corp. and Co-author of Aldus Pagemaker.

Bob Tournoux
Senior Software Engineer for ABB Industrial Systems. BSEE, OSU. Owner of Starlight Technology Systems.



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